• The classes listed below are part of our perinatal outreach program. If are an expecting parent looking for childbirth and parenting classes, check our childbirth classes page.

    Neonatal Resuscitation Program Provider Course

    The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) is co-sponsored with the American Heart Association. The course is for hospital staff who care for newborns at the time of delivery, including physicians, nurses, midwives, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare professionals who may provide neonatal resuscitation.

    Completion of the program does not imply that an individual has the competence to perform neonatal resuscitation. Each hospital is responsible for determining the level of competence and qualifications required for someone to assume clinical responsibility for neonatal resuscitation.

    Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor Course

    The NRP Instructor Course prepares NRP providers to teach the course at their institution. Our instructor courses are offered at no cost (with the exception of course materials) to help maintain a base of instructors at each institution. Per the American Academy of Pediatrics, only an M.D., R.N., R.T., or P.A. can become an instructor. NRP instructors should have ongoing experience in the delivery room, nursery, or special care setting. NRP instructors should be selected for their experience in newborn care, ability to learn and teach resuscitation procedures, and ability to implement and maintain NRP enthusiastically. 

    The STABLE Program 

    The STABLE Program includes six modules that stand for sugar, temperature, airway, blood pressure, lab work, and emotional support. A seventh module, quality improvement, stresses the professional responsibility of improving and evaluating care provided to sick infants. STABLE is a one-day continuing education program that teaches transport stabilization for the sick neonate. Current NRP Provider status is highly recommended. STABLE is the most widely used program to focus exclusively on the post-resuscitation/pre-transport stabilization care of sick infants. 

    Basic Fetal Monitoring

    This workshop addresses the needs of the perinatal nurse who has limited experience with fetal monitoring. Emphasis is placed on pattern recognition, interventions for relieving fetal stress, and documentation standards.

    Advanced Fetal Monitoring

    This workshop addresses the needs of the perinatal nurse who has either completed a basic fetal monitoring course or who has had experience interpreting fetal monitor strips. This course focuses on fetal physiology, cord blood gas interpretation, legalities of fetal monitoring, current monitoring techniques, strip interpretation, and fetal monitoring documentation. A practicum featuring strip interpretation is included.

    Perinatal Bereavement

    This one-day workshop explores grief theory and its application in the perinatal setting. Participants are exposed to stages of grief, phases of mourning, complications of grief, assisting the family through the bereavement process, and caring for the caregiver. 

    Perinatal Update

    This annual two-and-a-half day conference helps perinatal healthcare providers maintain knowledge of current trends and practices consistent with the prevailing standards of perinatal/neonatal care. Nationally recognized experts present perspectives on the most current technological advances in perinatal care.