Family Medicine Teaching Opportunities

  • The Family Medicine Residency Program at Memorial University Medical Center is proud to offer a number of teaching opportunities. Remember the hard-working residents who helped you when you were a med student? This is your chance to pay it forward and share your passion for family medicine with new students.

    Teaching Opportunities
    Kelli Lemieux, accelerated track program administrator, family medicine clerkship coordinator, and Shonda Jenkins, family medicine administrative secretary.

    Memorial University Medical Center is a 604-bed academic medical center dedicated to education and discovery. As a family medicine resident, you will have the opportunity to work with and provide one-on-one teaching to students from multiple disciplines. The Savannah campus of Mercer University School of Medicine is located on the Memorial University Medical Center campus. Residents work with Mercer’s second-, third-, and fourth-year medical students. In addition, we are a primary family medicine site for third- and fourth-year medical students from Augusta University Medical College of Georgia. As a family medicine resident, you will also participate in the education of Mercer University’s pharmacy students and South University’s physician assistant students who rotate with us throughout the year. At Memorial University Medical Center, we strongly believe that your own family medicine training is greatly enhanced through teaching others.

    GA Med ASC Heroes
    Accepting a Health Care Heroes award from the Georgia Medical Society are Robert Pallay, M.D., Kelli Lemieux, Christina Kelly, M.D., and award presenter Dan DeLoach, M.D.

    Residents do not teach in the outpatient clinic for the first six months of their intern year, but you may have students assigned to you for inpatient rounds during that time. Residents complete anonymous evaluations and give feedback to the students they worked with. The students value their interaction with our residents and lifelong friendships often form.

    The Family Medicine Residency Program at Memorial University Medical Center was the first site for Mercer University School of Medicine's family medicine accelerated track. This program has been going strong for five years in Savannah, and it has now expanded to a full primary care accelerated track program that includes general internal medicine and family medicine at the Columbus, Macon, and Savannah, Georgia, campuses. The accelerated track program received a Health Care Heroes Award for Health Care Innovation from the Georgia Medical Society.

    Gordon Award
    Resident Daniel Gordon, M.D. (second from the left), accepts the 2016 AAFP Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education. He is joined by faculty physicians Candace Murbach, D.O., Robert Pallay, M.D., and Christina Kelly, M.D.

    In 2016, Daniel Gordon, M.D., PGY-3, received the American Academy of Family Physicians’ (AAFP) Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education. Each year, the AAFP recognizes 12 family medicine residents nationwide for their leadership, civic involvement, and exemplary patient care. Gordon was the only doctor along the entire East Coast to win this prestigious recognition. During medical school, he was in the accelerated program at Mercer University School of Medicine.