Hand Hygiene Observation Score

  • Memorial Health participates in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Clean Hands Save Lives campaign. This global campaign strives to reduce the number of hospital acquired infections by ensuring that healthcare workers wash their hands the correct way and at the correct times throughout patient care. This score represents how often proper hand hygiene is observed. The scores below are percentages.

    Our NurseOne call center calls a random sampling of patients after they are discharged from Memorial Health University Medical Center and asks them how compliant their healthcare workers were with handwashing. Healthcare workers should wash their hands:

    1. Before touching a patient
    2. Before any medical procedure
    3. After coming into contact with blood or other bodily fluids
    4. After touching a patient
    5. After touching a patient’s surroundings

    Surveyors ask patients to rate handwashing compliance using a scale of "very poor" to "very good." The scores below reflect the percentage of patients who gave us a "very good" rating. This is also known as a "top box" score. A higher score is better.

      Goal Percent MHUMC received top score, 2016 Percent peer hospitals received top score, 2016
    Quality Measure
    Proper Handwashing 95 82.6 76.6