• CT  Scan

    The Memorial Health Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute uses numerous radiologic tools to diagnose cancer, including X-ray, CT scanning, PET scanning, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and MRI. These procedures allow us to look inside the body without surgery. Each technique provides different types of images that can be used to locate cancer, plan treatment, and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

    Breast Cancer Screening

    We proudly offer 3D mammography  This is just one of the services provided by our Breast Imaging Center. To schedule a mammogram, call 912-350-PINK (7465).

    Lung & Cancer Screening

    We provide low-dose CT scans to screen for lung cancer. The scans can detect lung cancer in its earliest stages, when the chance of curing it is highest. Low-dose CT scans are available without a physician’s referral for people who meet specific criteria. To schedule a lung-cancer screening, call 912-350-LUNG (5864). Or, request information online

    Additional Radiology Services

    Board-certified radiologists interpret the results of each procedure. They work closely with a team of specially trained and certified technologists. Additional services include:

    • Pediatrics imaging
    • Musculoskeletal imaging
    • Nuclear imaging
    • Interventional radiography
    • Neurology
    • Full body imaging

    To contact radiology, call 912-350-8436.