• Doctor in SurgeryMemorial Neurosurgery is a Center of Excellence for brain and spine surgeries. Our compassionate team will guide you through the surgical process and answer any questions you have. While you’re here, we treat you with dignity and respect, share information with you, and allow you and your family to be involved in your care. Our highly trained surgeons and specially certified nurses follow evidence-based guidelines that lead to the best possible outcomes. 

    What makes Memorial Neurosurgery a Center of Excellence?

    There are many things that set us apart from other neurosurgery programs, including:

    • Physician leadership in the form of designated physician champions who helped to develop our program.
    • A dedicated team of operating room nurses and technicians who work only on neurosurgery cases. 
    • The nurses who care for you after surgery are certified in emergency neurological life support (ENLS). To earn ENLS, they must complete in-depth training and pass a rigorous exam. The certification improves patient care and outcomes in the critical hours following neurosurgery.   
    • A commitment to patient and family centered care.
    • We hold disease-specific certification in spine surgery from The Joint Commission. In 2017, we were ranked in the Top 100 in the Nation for Medical Excellence in spinal fusion and spinal surgery by CareChex® -- an information service of Quantros, Inc. CareChex also ranked us in the Top 100 in the Nation for Patient Safety for major neurosurgery. To learn more, visit CareChex.com.
    • Learn more about what defines a center of excellence.
    While You Are Here

    When you arrive at MUMC for your procedure, you can park for free in one of our on-site parking decks or designated patient spaces.

    You will prepare for your procedure in our pre-surgery area. Your procedure will be performed in a leading-edge surgical suite at MUMC. After your procedure, you will rest and recover in our post-anesthesia care unit.

    Your care and comfort are important to us. If you experience any concerns or pain, please tell your nurse immediately so that we can help.

    A responsible adult must wait for you on-site during your procedure. While waiting, guests are invited to visit our coffee shop, café, gourmet sandwich shop, gift shop, ATM, or vending machine area.

    Please note that smoking is not permitted on any MUMC property, inside or outside. Learn more about your time at MUMC.