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    Dmitri Sofianos, M.D., talks about tips for a healthy spine.


    James Lindley, M.D., talks about choosing a spine surgery hospital.


    Dmitri Sofianos, M.D., talks about keeping your back healthy.


    Raphael Roybal, M.D., talks about his education and training.


    Dr. Roybal explains how a genetic predisposition combined with certain occupations or activities can lead to back problems.


    Dr. Roybal explains what a "center of excellence" is.


    What criteria are required to qualify as a center of excellence?


    Questions to ask your surgeon before spine surgery.


    Easing your nerves before spine surgery.


    What doctors look at when determining treatment options for back pain.


    How long will it take to recover after spine surgery?


    Dr. Roybal discusses minimally invasive spinal surgery.


    The importance of a "team approach" for the treatment of spinal conditions.


    Everybody eventually experiences arthritis in the spine, but there are things you can do to keep it from disrupting your life.