Success Stories

  • Rufus AustinRufus Austin
    Rufus Austin says he always loved the people-oriented nature of the retail business. And it may well have saved his life, or at least prevented him from being permanently disabled.
    Aaron NewhamAaron Newham
    May 18, 2016, had been a typical Wednesday for Aaron and Mildred Newham of Hazlehurst, Georgia. That evening, Aaron was watching television and Mildred was in the kitchen, talking to their daughter. All of a sudden, Aaron began to feel dizzy and the room started spinning. .
    Steve StephensSteve Stephens
    Steve Stephens spent the evening of November 18, 2012, relaxing at the movies with his wife Patricia and some friends. It was the latest James Bond installment, “Skyfall,” and he wanted to sit down front to enjoy the full force of the visuals and volume on the IMAX screen. The group enjoyed the movie and the Stephenses went home and went to bed. That was to be Stephens’ last “normal” night for quite a while.
    Mark Wright, M.D.Mark Wright, M.D.
    On March 23, 2012, Mark Wright, M.D., celebrated his 53rd birthday. Life was good. He’d been working as a neonatologist for 27 years, caring for preemies and newborns with complex medical conditions. It was stressful work, which may have contributed to his slightly elevated blood pressure. But he didn’t smoke or drink, he maintained a healthy weight, and he felt fine.