Why Outcomes Matter

  • At Memorial Health University Medical Center, we proudly share our medical outcomes and patient feedback with the public. Our honest, unedited results are listed here.

    We participate in programs that measure the quality of our care. These programs look at our patient outcomes, or how well our patients fared after receiving treatment at Memorial Health. You can use patient outcome data to help you find the best hospital and the best healthcare team. You can find a hospital that will meet your needs in a safe, comfortable environment. This allows you to have a voice in your care

    What to Consider When Comparing Hospitals

    It is difficult to do an apples-to-apples hospital comparison, as there are many different types of hospitals and many different factors to consider. When comparing facilities, consider the following:

    • Is it a teaching hospital? Teaching hospitals or academic medical centers offer residency programs to train new physicians. Memorial Health University Medical Center is a teaching hospital. Historically, teaching hospitals see the sickest patients, but they also offer the most comprehensive and advanced care.
    • Is it a safety net hospital? A safety net hospital is a facility that provides a high volume of care to low-income, uninsured, and vulnerable populations. As a result, these hospitals often see the sickest patients and absorb a larger amount of uncompensated care. A safety net hospital will never turn anybody away, regardless of their ability to pay. Memorial Health University Medical Center is a safety net hospital.
    • How many patients does it see? Patient volume refers to the number of patients a hospital cares for on a given day. Larger hospitals have a higher patient volume. Volume is important when considering specialized procedures such as joint replacement surgery. You are likely to have a better outcome at a hospital that dose a high volume of complex surgeries or procedures. The surgeons and their teams acquire more experience and have better outcomes with higher volumes.

    You can compare and contrast hospitals at medicare.gov/hospitalcompare.

    Here is a list of important quality data from Memorial Health University Medical Center. This is not the only quality data we collect, but it is deemed the most valuable to public health. We submit this data to Premier, Inc., and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).