Class Descriptions

  • family holding newborn babyBasic Perinatal Orientation and Education Program
    This program is offered annually by the perinatal and neonatal outreach coordinators. This program is designed to provide nurses with theoretical knowledge needed to provide holistic family-centered care to women, their infants, and family members during the antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum period. This program presents general methods and techniques of practice that are considered the best standard of care by recognized authorities. Outreach birthing hospitals and the regional perinatal center will be encouraged to use this program as the fundamental didactic orientation program for all new graduates and new employees. This program has replaced the basic concepts programs and includes topics such as:

    1. Physiologic and psychosocial adaptation to pregnancy
    2. Safety and risk management
    3. Process of labor
    4. Complications of pregnancy
    5. Newborn assessment and nursing care standards

    Neonatal Resuscitation: Basic Program (NRP)
    This is a nationally recognized program designed by the American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics focusing on the management of the newborn. This program is targeted to physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare personnel involved in the delivery room management and continued care of neonates. The didactic presentation highlights the written materials on initial steps, equipment, bag and mask ventilation, cardiac compressions, and biochemical resuscitation of the neonate. The revised material also contains information about ethical care and end-of-life issues. Upon successful completion of the written exam and skills performance (Megacode), participants will receive certification from the American Academy of Pediatrics. A renewal program is offered monthly with new provider classes offered quarterly at the medical center. Courses may be scheduled at other facilities upon request.

    Neonatal Resuscitation Program: Hospital Based Instructor Course
    This course is designed to assist physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists to become hospital-based NRP Instructors and implement the NRP program in their own hospital. Course participants must be certified AAP/NRP providers. Special emphasis is placed on teaching techniques, use of instructor materials, registering classes and areas of concern for the instructor when implementing this program. All interested participants will be required to have completed a new provider course to be considered as an instructor candidate.

    STABLE® Course
    STABLE® is a one-day continuing education course focusing on the post-resuscitation/pre-transport stabilization of the sick neonate. Current NRP provider status is recommended. This course is designed to assist physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists in the stabilization and care of sick or at-risk neonates. This course is offered four times per year at MUMC and at other sites upon request.

    STABLE® Cardiac Module
    This one-day continuing education course is offered annually to physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists managing neonates and infants with suspected congenital cardiac defects. The course identifies assessment and stabilization criteria for both cyanotic and acyanotic lesions commonly encountered in th neonatal period. This course is one of the days of the NIC Course (see below).

    Neonatal Intensive Care Course
    This seven day course focusing on the care and management of the high-risk neonate is offered annually at MUMC. This course explores the complex pathophysiology and psychosocial needs of ill neonates and their families. Prerequisites for the course include NRP and STABLE®. This course is required for nurses employed in the intensive and intermediate care nurseries, and is recommended for Level II nurses in outreach facilities. Didactic presentations are provided by neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, and other specialists.

    Basic Fetal Monitoring
    This workshop is designed to address the needs of the perinatal nurse who has limited experience with fetal monitoring. Emphasis is placed on pattern recognition, interventions for relieving fetal stress, and documentation standards.

    Advanced Fetal Monitoring
    This workshop is specifically designed to address the needs of the perinatal nurse who has either completed a basic fetal monitoring course or who has had experience interpreting fetal monitor strips. This course focuses on fetal physiology, cord blood gas interpretation, legalities of fetal monitoring, current monitoring techniques, strip interpretation, and fetal monitoring documentation. A practicum featuring strip interpretation is included.

    Perinatal Bereavement
    This one-day workshop explores grief theory and its application in the perinatal setting. Participants are exposed to stages of grief, phases of mourning, complications of grief, assisting the family through the bereavement process, and caring for the caregiver.

    Perinatal Update
    This annual two-and-a-half day conference helps perinatal healthcare providers maintain knowledge of current trends and practices consistent with the prevailing standards of perinatal/neonatal care. Nationally recognized experts present perspectives on the most current technological advances in perinatal care.