Delivery & Recovery Rooms

  • tired new mom with newborn

    At Memorial University Medical Center, we want your birthing experience to be joyous, memorable, and as comfortable as possible. We allow you to labor, deliver, and recover all in the same room. These rooms are bright, clean, and have cozy home-like accents. Each labor/delivery/recovery room is private and comfortable, but can quickly be transformed into a high-tech delivery suite. Our rooms feature:

    • Adjustable beds that enable you to labor in different positions
    • Special lighting to enhance relaxation
    • Jacuzzis
    • Sleeper chairs for Dad
    Operating Suites

    If an emergency arises during labor and delivery, you and your family can be quickly escorted down the hall to one of our Cesarean birth suites. Your labor nurse will continue to provide your care during surgery and recovery.

    Mother/Baby Rooms

    Several hours after delivery, you will be moved to a private room in our Mother/Baby area, where you will spend the remainder of your hospital stay. In our Mother/Baby unit, specially trained nurses care for you and your baby. Your baby may stay in your room with you, or, if you need some time to yourself, your baby can be cared for in our newborn nursery. Our Mother/Baby rooms include:

    • Special sloped sinks and hand-held shower wands that make it easy for you to bathe your new baby
    • Overhead heat lamps to keep your little one warm
    • Whirlpool tubs and private bathrooms
    • An overstuffed chair that folds out into a bed for Dad
    • Cable television
    • Telephones
    • Access to an in-hospital video system that allows you to order programs about newborn care

    In addition, we offer comfortable waiting rooms for your guests. We encourage grandparents, siblings, and others to visit you and your new baby.