Dominique Broccoli, Ph.D.

  • BroccoliMember, Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute, Department of Laboratory Oncology Research
    Professor, Departments of Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Division of Basic Medical Science, Mercer
    University School of Medicine -- Savannah Campus, Distinguished Cancer Scientist, State of Georgia

    912-350-0957 (phone)
    912-350-1269 (fax)

    Research Focus
    Telomere maintenance mechanisms during tumorigenesis in sarcomas. Telomeres are located at the ends of chromosomes and cancer cell immortality requires the active maintenance of these structures. Combining telomere maintenance inhibition with standard therapies may provide a more effective strategy for long-term cancer treatment.

    Dominique Broccoli, Ph.D., leads the cancer biology and genetics program. She came to Savannah from Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Broccoli received her undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada-Reno and her Doctor of Philosophy degree in molecular biology and genetics from Wayne State University in Detroit. She completed postdoctoral fellowships at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, and at the Laboratory for Cell Biology and Genetics at the Rockefeller University in New York. Her research has been funded by the American Cancer Society, the Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program, and the National Cancer Institute.  She has also received multiple grants for her research. Broccoli has more than 40 published papers in peer-reviewed research journals. She was a charter member of the National Institutes of Health study section on molecular genetics and continues to serve on numerous NIH study sections. She also serves on study sections for the Biologic Sciences Research Council of the United Kingdom, the European Research Council, and the Department of Defense Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Research Programs. In addition, Broccoli is a Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Cancer Scientist.

    Recent Publications
    Mitchell, M.A., Johnson, J.E., Beeharry, N, Chiourea, M., Gagos, S., von Mehren, M.E., Kipling, D. and Broccoli, D. Molecular Characterization of LS2, a cell line derived from a pleomorphic liposarcoma, with corresponding characterization of the original tumor. Mol. Can. Ther. 9:682-692, 2010.

    Caslini, C., Connelly, J.A., Samparo, A., Broccoli, D., and Hess, J.L. MLL associates with telomere and regulates telomeric repeat-containing RNA transcription. Mol. Cell. Biol. 29:4519-4526, 2009.

    McCord, RA and Broccoli, D. Telomeric chromatin: roles in aging cancer and hereditary disease. Mut. Res. 674:86-93, 2008.

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