• Sample Rotation Schedule

    PGY-1   PGY-2   PGY-3  
    Orientation Night Float Inpatient Chief
    Family Medicine Inpatient Family Medicine Inpatient Outpatient Chief
    Family Medicine Inpatient Newborn Nursery ENT ER Sports Medicine
    Night Float ICU Elective
    ER Surgery Rural
    ICU Family Medicine Inpatient Night Float
    Family Medicine Inpatient Selective Inpatient Chief
    OB GYN Elective
    PCMH & Scholarly Activity Vacation Developmental Peds Sports Medicine Sports Medicine Adolescent
    OB Orthopaedics Selective
    Peds Inpatient Peds Outpatient Selective
    Night Float Endocrine Outpatient Chief
    Family Medicine Inpatient Peds Inpatient Elective

    Selective Options   Common Electives  
    Cardiology Outpatient Plastic Surgery
    Neurology Infectious Disease
    Dermatology Radiology
    Nephrology Hospice
    OR Hospital Medicine
    Urgent Care
    Family Medicine Outpatient
    Other electives can be approved by the program director after goals and objectives are submitted for consideration,