healing garden at Memorial Health  

    At Memorial University Medical Center, we believe healing involves more than just repairing broken bones or bandaging wounds. It involves nurturing the mind and spirit too. That's why our Healing Garden is so important. 

    The Healing Garden includes a small waterfall and pond, benches beneath shady trellises, planter boxes blooming with fresh herbs and brightly colored flowers, and an array of lush greenery. The Healing Garden provides a peaceful, relaxing setting for patients and their families.

    The Healing Garden can also be incorporated into our rehabilitation therapy. The floor of the garden is made up of several different types of surfaces that can be used to practice standing, walking, or moving a wheelchair. Digging in the dirt and planting flowers can help strengthen arms and hands. People can work on their cognitive skills by following directions to care for the garden. And of course, simply being outside in the sunshine and fresh air is wonderful therapy. We encourage patients and family members to visit the Healing Garden anytime they need to relax, reflect, or recharge.