• BridgettCurt Bridgett
    Curt Bridgett of Savannah is always on the go. He’s a mobile equipment supervisor and he owns a business that sells Italian ice at fairs, festivals, and other events throughout the region. The 61-year-old feared he would lose his business, his livelihood, and his quality of life when he began experiencing heart issues in 2013.
    GoffEugene Goff
    A ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is one of the most critical medical emergencies there is, as Eugene Goff of Savannah learned this spring. Statistically speaking, odds were good he wouldn’t see another summer.
    McNaughtonDavid McNaughton
    David McNaughton has reason to remember the Ides of March. This past March 15, his heart stopped beating – twice. At 67, he was on track to die of his first heart attack, or at least suffer life-altering damage to his heart. Instead, he’s very much alive and happy to tell the tale of how he stayed that way.
    Nicole Soergel Nicole Soergel
    Nicole Soergel of Hilton Head Island loves spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, and taking photographs. All of those things were threatened four years ago when she was diagnosed with a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), a disorder in the heart’s electrical system that causes a sudden rapid heart rate.
    WadeBill Wade
    August 22, 2015, was a typical summer Saturday for 68-year-old Bill Wade of Savannah. He participated in a golf tournament during the day and spent the evening on his boat with his wife, Deborah. He went to bed feeling fine. But the next morning, something was not right.