Laboratory Science

  • Discover, Develop, Deliver

    Cancer is an extremely complex disease, which makes it difficult to treat and cure. The laboratory scientists at the William and Iffath Hoskins Center for Biomedical Research are committed to unlocking the mysteries of cancer and curing the disease through discovery, development, and delivery.

    Our scientists practice translational research, meaning they work closely with physicians to move their findings from the laboratory to the patient bedside quickly -- usually in no more than five years. The scientists' mantra is, "discover, develop, deliver:"

    • Discover something in the laboratory that can be used to treat cancer.
    • Develop it into a viable treatment.
    • Deliver the treatment to the patients that need it.

    In our laboratories, scientists are searching for biomarkers, therapeutic agents, and other keys to the cancer mystery. They're examining cancer at its molecular level, seeking the very best treatments and cures. We are committed to winning the war against cancer.