Medical Oncology - Chemotherapy

  • Medical oncology is the process of managing and treating cancer with drugs. It is often called chemotherapy and comes in many different forms. Some people receive chemotherapy on an outpatient basis, meaning they come to us for treatment and then return home that same day to recover. Others stay in the hospital throughout their treatment.

    Our Medical Oncologists  

    Nurse assisting medical oncology patient  

    During Treatment

    The medical oncology team at the Anderson Cancer Institute has specialized training and education to deal with the physical and emotional needs of people receiving chemotherapy. Your healthcare team will help you manage any side effects or discomfort you may experience, including:

    • Nausea  
    • Hair Loss  
    • Pain  
    • Mouth Sores  
    • Diahrrea  
    • Constipation  
    • Effects on Organ Systems  
    • Effects on Skin and Nails  
    • Bone Marrow Suppression  
    • Anemia  
    • Infection  
    • Blood Clots and Bruising  
    • Appetite and Taste Changes