Medical Research

  • The information on this page is for clinicians conducting research at Memorial Health University Medical Center.

    Basic, clinical, and translational research are integral components of medical education at Memorial Health. Basic research provides a fundamental understanding of molecules, mechanisms, cellular processes, and genetic mutations associated with diseases and disorders. Clinical research produces knowledge essential for understanding human disease, preventing and treating illness, and promoting health. Translational research brings discovery directly from the laboratory to the patient bedside in a short amount of time. All three forms of research improve and advance patient care.

    Researchers not employed by Memorial Health, but who want the Memorial Health Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review their project, must read and complete the following: Determining the Difference between Clinical Research and Quality/Performance Improvement. Contact Jean Wiggins at to have this document emailed to you. .

    Researchers employed by Memorial Health should log in to NetLearning and complete the CBL module, Determining the Difference between Clinical Research and Quality/Performance Improvement. IRB forms must be completed and submitted to the Department of Clinical Trials prior to starting any research project. Contact Chableau Ford at to have the appropriate documents emailed to you.

    For more information or help with study design, statistical analysis, etc., please contact:

    Jean Wiggins, BSPH
    Sr. Administrator, Medical Education
    Memorial Health University Medical Center
    Office: 912-350-8168
    Fax: 912-350-8998
    Cell: 912-663-9462

    Chableau Ford
    IRB Administrator
    Memorial Health University Medical Center
    Office: 912-350-8212
    Fax: 912-350-8183

    Eric Shaw, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Community Medicine
    Mercer University School of Medicine
    Office: 912-721-8205
    Fax: 912-721-8268

    Eric J. Clayton, M.S., Research Manager
    Memorial Health University Medical Center
    Office: 912-350-7887
    Fax: 912-350-8183

    2018 Research Day

    Please contact Jean Wiggins at for further details and instructions to submit abstracts for oral or written presentations at the 2018 Annual Research Day.

    2017 Research Day Winners

    On May 11, 2017, Memorial Health's medical education program presented the results of its resident performance improvement projects. Congratulations to the winners:

    • Judges’ Choice: “Minimizing Patient Radiation Dose and Costs by Utilizing Proper Imaging Protocols,” presented by radiology residents Lucas Smith, M.D., Dhruv Patel, M.D., and Ryan Holste, M.D.
    • Audience Choice: “Improving the Paging System,” presented by surgery residents Samuel Corey, M.D., and Thomas Gianis, M.D.
    Research Day Winners

    From left to right are Ryan Holste, M.D., Dhruv Patel, M.D., Lucas Smith, M.D., Samuel Corey, M.D., and Thomas Gianis, M.D.

    Congratulations to our 2017 Research Day winners:
    Poster Presentation Winners
    • 1st Place: “Liver Transplantation for Fulminant Genotype 2a/c Hepatitis C Virus Marked by a Rapid Recurrence Followed by Cure,” presented by surgery resident Brett Tracy, M.D.
    • 2nd Place: “Pituitary Apoplexy Unmasked by Systemic Fibrinolysis,” presented by Mercer School of Medicine’s Daniel Foster
    • 3rd Place: Extra-anatomical Bypass in a Renal Transplant Patient Presenting with Aorto-duodenal Fistula,” presented by surgery resident David Juan, M.D.
    Oral Presentation Winners
    • 1st Place: Impact of Pharmacist-led Assessment of Penicillin Allergy Histories in Adult Medical-surgical Patient,” presented by pharmacy resident Joseph Morris, Pharm.D.
    • 2nd Place: “Correlation Between Placental Mass Index and Neonatal Oxygenation Status at Birth,” presented by OB/GYN resident Brittany Merritt, M.D.
    • 3rd Place: “Evaluating Inpatient Treatment of Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase Urinary Tract Infections,” presented by pharmacy resident Phillip Ryan Cole, Pharm.D.

    Research Day Winners

    From left to right are Marcia Hutchinson, M.D., designated institutional official; Joseph Morris, Pharm.D; Phillip Ryan Cole, Pharm.D.; Brittany Merritt, M.D., OB/GYN; Brett Tracy, M.D., surgery; Joseph Spaniol, M.D., surgery; David Byck, M.D., president of the medical staff.