• Mothers House Living Area

    "A Mother’s House” is an apartment complex located on the Memorial University Medical Center campus in Savannah. There are four apartments within the complex and each unit can be occupied, free of charge, by a woman with a high-risk pregnancy who has a perinatologist's order. The purpose of A Mother’s House is to provide a safe, homelike atmosphere for women who live outside of Chatham County, but who require weeks or even months of close monitoring during pregnancy. Thanks to A Mother’s House, these women do not have to stay in the hospital the entire time, but medical care is nearby.

    Mother's House Bedroom

    Each apartment is fully furnished and includes a double bed and a single bed for a guest. Family members and friends are encouraged to visit as much as possible. Children are allowed to visit and stay, but another adult must accompany them at all times. This is necessary should the mother require immediate medical attention or need large amounts of rest.

    Mother's House Kitchen

    To stay at A Mother’s House, women must be at least 18 years old, live outside of Chatham County but within the state of Georgia, and have a high-risk pregnancy. There is no charge to stay. A Mother’s House is overseen by our maternal transport coordinator and a certified patient care technician.


    Photography by Jenny Fitch