Nursing Residency Programs

  • The nursing residency program at Memorial University Medical Center is designed to develop the professional nurse. New graduates begin the year-long program with a validation of skills and documentation training. Each month's didactic focuses on a specific area of professional nursing development, from evidence-based practice to ethics and end-of-life issues. Upon completion of the program, the nurse is prepared to be a professional, compassionate caregiver.

    We offer two nursing residency sessions each year -- one for winter graduates and one for spring graduates. Apply for the residency program

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Q: Does Memorial Health have a nursing program?
    A: No, we do not have a nursing education program of our own. We partner with local colleges and universities. 

    Q: Does Memorial Health hire new nursing graduates?
    A: Yes, we hire new graduates for our residency program. This requires a four-year commitment and work agreement. 

    Q: Is this an unpaid internship?
    A: No. This is a paid residency. Your rate of pay is based upon your status at hire. 

    Q: Will Memorial Health allow me to work while I wait for my Georgia license?
    A: Yes. You can begin employment as a student patient care tech (PCT) until you obtain licensure and transition into the nursing residency program. 

    Q: I am an experienced LPN and just received my ASN/BSN. Does my LPN experience count? 
    A: Yes, we give credit for LPN experience. 

    Q: How do I apply for the nurse residency program?
    A: Complete the online nurse residency application

    Q: I don't see an opening for my preferred position. Are there openings available?
    A: If you do not see the position on our website, then we do not have any openings within that department. Please continue to monitor our website for openings. 

    Q: How can I transfer/change my license from another state?
    A: This can be done online through the Georgia Secretary of State's website. 

    Q: How is the hiring process handled and will I hear back even if I am not hired? 
    A: Our human resources team recruits top talent across all disciplines. Hiring is handled in accordance with the federal guidelines set forth by the EEOC and Department of Labor. At Memorial Health, we strive to ensure all applicants receive notification via email or phone. 

    Q: Can I update my resume online after submitting my application?
    A: No, our system does not allow you to change your resume after you submit your application. You must wait to submit your updated resume until you apply for another requisition or job vacancy.