• Desiree Ashong, M.D.
      Desiree Ashong, M.D.
      Morehouse School of Medicine
    • Ashley Borgstadt, D.O.
      Ashley Borgstadt, D.O.*
      Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Emily Mills, M.D.
      Emily Mills, M.D.
      University of Alabama School of Medicine
    • Sarah Pollock, M.D.
      Sarah Pollock, M.D.*
      Tulane University School of Medicine
    • Nicole Kuhn, M.D.
      Nicole Kuhn, M.D.
      New York Medical College
    • Ashika Patel, D.O.
      Ashika Patel, D.O.
      Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Megan Shepherd, M.D.
      Megan Shepherd, M.D.
      Mercer University School of Medicine
    • Nicole Sparks, M.D.
      Nicole Sparks, M.D.
      Florida State University College of Medicine
    • Kristen Brown, M.D.
      Kristen Brown, M.D.
      Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine
    • Lauren Little, M.D.
      Lauren Little, M.D.
      University at Buffalo State University of New York School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
    • Geoffrey Scott, M.D.
      Geoffrey Scott, M.D.
      Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
    • Antonia Zecevic, M.D.
      Antonia Zecevic, M.D.
      University of Florida College of Medicine
    • Maggie Anderson, M.D.
      Maggie Anderson, M.D.
      Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
    • Nykia Burke-Bray, M.D.
      Nykia Burke-Bray, M.D.
      Morehouse School of Medicine
    • Lindsey Rish, M.D.
      Lindsey Rish, M.D.
      University of South Carolina School of Medicine
    • Kayla Suma, M.D.
      Kayla Suma, M.D.
      University of Kentucky College of Medicine
  • *Chief Resident 
    ** Associate Administrative Chief Resident
    *** Administrative Chief Resident