• Occupational therapy helps people develop their physical resources to improve or maintain the everyday skills needed to function at home, work, and in social settings. In order for occupational therapy to be successful, the patient, family, and therapist must work together.

    The occupational therapy services available at The Rehabilitation Institute include:

    • Self-care training such as basic feeding, hygiene, dressing, and safety awareness
    • Activities to increase joint range and strength of the upper extremities and to reinforce desired movement
    • Cognitive and perceptual retraining, memory, body scheme, motor planning, and visual-spatial skills
    • Specialized hand rehabilitation
    • Detailed sensory evaluations and training in compensatory techniques or sensory impairments
    • Coordinated programs complementing the patient's goals of improving posture, balance, and functional skills
    • Adaptive equipment and orthotics, as needed
    • Driving evaluation