Spine Surgery Patient Outcomes

  • nurses delivering flowersAt Memorial Spine, we proudly share our medical outcomes and patient feedback.

    Any time you have surgery, there is a risk of complications. We follow proven standards of care and go to great lengths to reduce the risk of complications. The table below shows how often our patients have had complications after surgery. The first column lists a possible complication. The next column shows what percentage of spine surgery patients at Memorial University Medical Center experienced this complication. The last column shows the benchmark score so you can reference how we compare to similar hospitals around the country. A lower score is better.

      Memorial Spine,
    2013 Total
    January through March 2014 Benchmark
    Possible Complications (Click on each term to learn more)
    Readmitted to the hospital within 30 days 2.1% 2.52% 5%*
    Infection within 30 days 0.76% 1.07% 1%**
    Paralysis or nerve injury 0% 0% 0.22%*
    CSF leak 0.19% 0.39% 0.36%*
    Blood clots 0% 0% 0.19%*
    Inpatient deaths 0% 0% 0.015%*
    Additional surgery within one year 1.33% 1.26% 2%*

    *Benchmark is from Premier healthcare alliance database
    **Benchmark is based on current data in medical literature

    Patient Satisfaction Scores
    The scores below are based on responses from a sample of people admitted to Memorial University Medical Center for spine surgery. Patients are asked to rate the care they received using a five-point scale ranging from "very poor" to "very good." The numbers below represent the percentage of people who gave us the highest score possible, also known as the "top box score." In this table, a higher score is better.


    Top Box Scores
    2013 Total

    Top Box Scores 2014 Year-to-Date Memorial Spine Goal
    Overall 80.4% 87.5% 80%
    Friendliness/courtesy of nurses 85.4% 100% 80%
    Skill of nurses 83% 100% 80%
    Friendliness/courtesy of physicians 84.1% 100% 80%
    Skill of your physician 84.1% 100% 80%
    How well was pain controlled 82.6% 75% 80%
    Overall rating of care 80.4% 87.5% 80% 

    Quality of Life Physical Component Summary (PCS)

    We ask our patients to rate their quality of life (QoL) after spine surgery. To gather the data, we ask patients a series of 36 questions about their physical abilities, mobility, quality of life, and overall well-being. The data collected is called the “physical component summary” or PCS.

    When PCS scores are collected:

    • Before surgery, called the baseline score. The average spine patient’s PCS baseline score is 30. For the general population without spine issues, the average PCS is 50.
    • Three months after surgery, called the PCS 3M score.
    • Six months after surgery, called the PCS 6M score.
    • One year after surgery, called the PCS 1Y score.

    In the tables below, “N” is the number of patients surveyed. We’re very proud that 81 percent of our patients show improvement from their baseline score three months after surgery. At six months, 90 percent show improvement, and 89 percent show improvement a year after surgery.

    Surgery Chart