counseling with patient rehabilitation

    Memorial University Medical Center has an award-winning stroke program. After initial emergency treatment to stop the stroke, people may need physical, occupational, and/or speech and language therapy. Our outpatient stroke recovery process might include some or all of the following:

    • Therapies for improving strength, endurance, mobility, ambulation, and activities of daily living
    • Perceptual evaluation and training, memory improvement, and problem solving
    • Recreational therapy
    • Bowel and bladder therapy
    • Strengthening and conditioning exercises in our pool
    • Overcoming or compensating for speech and language difficulties
    • Barium swallow studies and X-rays as needed
    • Treatment of swallowing disorders
    • Psychological counseling to help in understanding and adjusting to physical and emotional change
    • Family conferences, involvement, and counseling
    • Referral to vocational rehabilitation services
    • Referral to our driving evaluation and retraining program
    • Home assessments to recommend adaptive equipment and placement of ramps and railings
    • Home exercise program