General Treatment

  •   Meet breast surgeon Ray Rudolph, M.D., MPH.
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      Meet breast surgeon Paula DeNitto, M.D.
      Breast surgeon Ray Rudolph talks about Memorial's multidisciplinary approach to treatment.
      Ray Rudolph discusses how tumor boards impact treatment decisions.

    Ray Rudolph talks about working working with his colleague, Paula DeNitto.


    Ray Rudolph gives advice on choosing a breast surgeon.


    Paula DeNitto provides questions to ask your breast surgeon.


    Paula DeNitto talks about the benefits of disease management teams and tumor boards.


    Paula DeNitto on making treatment decisions based on the type of breast cancer, and understanding which treatment is right for you.


    Paula DeNitto talks about the benefits of choosing specialized breast-only practice.


    Paula DeNitto on helping patients cope with the mental and emotional aspects of breast cancer.


    Jennifer Sili, R.N., explains her role as a breast cancer nurse navigator.